It's there, where you perceive the world, your desires, your goals and success, your emotions, also your health, all the feedback to your life ... your free will and it's fruits ... where you plan your future and where you meet your satisfaction ;-)

... yes it's worth giving your attention to this sacred place ... it's the center of your life!

We all are curious, we all want more and nothing brings more satisfaction, than receiving the right information at the right time: when we are really seeking for it. Get your clarity from 'HAPPY AWARENESS' and speed up your velocity of growth in any topic ... because life is limited ...

This website is just an extended business card and peolpe who know me, are aware: everything starts with your question ... if you have one ... or if you want more, but you feel there is wall between you and your desire ...

So, let's talk about it - welcome to, just send me an e-mail and please stay in touch with our seminars, workshops and trainings - I'm sure you don't want to miss any of them :)

Matthias Lenardt


It's a pleasure to help if you have any question.
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